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Jiangsu Honggu Precision Mould Co., Ltd. is located in Huai'an, the hometown of the great man, by Hongze Lake.

Expressway, Xinyang Expressway and State Highway 205 pass by, linking Yangzhou to the east, Nanjing to the South and Huaian to the north.

Convenient transportation, good information and beautiful environment.

The factory has innovative and outstanding technology, production equipment more than 150 sets, more than 50 employees, with

Strong drawing die manufacturing capacity and complete detection means. First of all, in the selection of die sets, to

For CNC lathe after grinding to ensure the accuracy of the core position, insert, and drawing

It is helpful to product performance and die life. We adopt the most suitable sintering process.

Advanced high frequency infrared thermostat and imported mixed metal powder are selected to ensure the hardness of sintered body.

The breakthrough of 120HRB has effectively solved the explosive die problem caused by ultra-high strength drawing in the industry.

In the laser drilling process, we innovate independently.

Laser self-centering system has been successfully developed, which makes the eccentricity error of drawing die step into micron level at one stroke.

It effectively reduces the difficult problem of unstable diameter of cutting traveller and gets good evaluation when used by customers.

In the production process, we use laser diameter gauge to replace the traditional micron kilometer.

In order to ensure that the diameter error of each process is always less than 1um, the company has also achieved ISO 9001.

Quality management system, and earnestly implement in actual production, strict control of the quality of the entire product;

In finished product inspection, we use CU10, DM300 and other advanced equipment to carry out all-round inspection on each die.

Bit measurements are recorded and tracked to make the product traceable. In terms of human resources, my father-in-law

The Division has more than ten years of technical backbone and a number of outstanding technicians, including more than three years of employment.

90% of the staff. In terms of management, we have established a complete functional organization to ensure quality.

Effective operation of the system.

Our main products are natural diamond drawing die, synthetic diamond polycrystalline drawing die, imported

Polycrystalline wire drawing die, extrusion guide die, paint die and other supporting die products. Products sell well all over the country

Ground, since its inception, has been for the photovoltaic industry, wire and cable, electromagnetic wire, stainless steel wire, electrician

Alloy, Cutting Steel Wire, Steel Cord, Rubber Tube Steel Wire, Tungsten Molybdenum Material and Other Metal Calendering and Drawing Industry Provides

The most ideal mold products are welcomed by customers.

The company will continue to work closely with end users and regional agents to open up foreign markets for the sea.

Internal and external customers provide high-quality products and high-quality after-sales service, when you need to manufacture high-quality metals

When drawing die for wire rod or when you have any valuable suggestions for our company, please contact us.

This will be a new beginning for our communication and cooperation.